v.2.3 UTF-16


First let me start with a big thank you for such a nice software.

I would like to request for some technical information regarding the encoding of the tags.

I am writing my own mp3 player application and i am able to read the contents of the tags of v.2.3.

However, when the contents are encoded using UTF-16 it is not very clear to me how to decode them.

For example, if the tag contains only english characters then thats fine.
However when it contains (lets say greek characters) i am able to decode the greek as utf-16 but if it contains at the same time english letters then these letters seem to be encoded as non utf-16 (well most of the times that is).

I am sure i got it wrong on this decoding process so any help would be really appreciated.



utf-16 is an encoding for unicode:
Are you familiar with unicode?
If not you should read a bit on the web and if you search for "unicode or utf-16 + your programming language" you find something useful.

I think normally you have a system function to do the decoding, you don't need to think about it.