v2.35f adding carriage returns


Florian -

Any tag that is updated in v2.35f is displaying visible carriage returns (shows as a small box) in both iTunes & Winamp.


What iTunes & Winamp versions do you use?
What are your tag settings in Mp3tag?



Winamp: 5.02 Pro

Tag Settings:

Read - ID3v1 & ID3v2
Write - ID3v2.4 UTF-8 (here's the problem)
Remove - ID3v1

I didn't realize that the default was version 2.4, may want to prompt for this.


iTunes and Winamp are buggy. Winamp 5.2 fixes ID3v2.4 reading.

Please be more careful with your bug reports: it's not that Mp3tag adds carriage returns, its buggy software which displays squares on perfectly valid ID3v2.4 tags.


Yup - this was my mistake, didn't realize that v2.4 was defaulted, should have more clear in my previous post.