v2.37a - multiple folder open failure

If in Explorer I select multiple folder sand right-click Mp3tag, the program operates on only one of the files, unlike e.g. Explorer.

Any chance of a fix?

This is possible since 2.38/2.37b

Yes, but how can we make it go back to working the old way? I rather preferred it when I only had to right-click on one MP3 file, and MP3Tag would display every track in the folder.

Why are you going off-topic here?
Please use the search, there are multiple topics on this.

Why does anyone ever go off-topic? To meet women, of course!

Seriously, I don't see how my reply was O-T. A question was asked, a reply was given and I posted a followup. I'll be glad to use the search, but since the post I responded to was the top (most recent) one in the forum, it didn't seem like much of an infraction, since the discussion was current.