v2.42 crashes on import

Hi guys,

first of all i love mp3tag. I've used it same time ago and after a fresh install of WinXP SP3 i wanted to install mp3tag also.

Installation (with default settings) was fine. Starting mp3tag also works perfectly, but when i try to scan a directory, regardless if it's the base directory of all my mp3 files or even another test directory with only one mp3 in it, mp3tag dies unexpectatly.

I receive the common error message from XP saying, that i should send the error report to microsoft, what i haven't yet :wink:

Is there a chance to get a look at a log-file of mp3tag or some to get information about whats going wrong elsewhere. Help would be nice.


Does this also happen with the current Development Build?

Hi, i have the same problem... i install the current Development Build and the problem appears again.. my mp3 collection have 40.000 files...

Does it happen at a particular file? Can you somehow identify that file?

No, it's random...

(sorry about my english, i speak spanish)

Then the only suggestion I can give is to use a smaller set of files.


Should be the size of the collection, because sometimes it works and sometimes falls

Thanks for the reply