v2.42 destroyes files on external or network drive

Dear all
since a few weeks I am facing a problem that has already destroyed loads of mp3 files.
For years I have managed my mp3 files on the C-drive of my computer. As the volume has exceeded the size of my disk I have bought a network drive to which I connect via Ethernet and I have moved all my mp3 files to that drive.
When I work with Mp3tag, I have changed a bundle of tags and press 'save' sometimes suddenly Mp3tag destroyes one of the files on the network drive and stopps. When I then have a look at the mp3 file I see that it has left only 0kb size (which was NOT the case before).
To be sure that the network is not the reason for this incident I've tried to work with Mp3tag on another disk connected via USB2 to my PC - same problem.

Anyone out there who has the same issue and found a solution?


Hi all,
I seem to be facing the same problem. (I use version 2.43 of MP3Tag)
Random files (mp3 as well as jpg or m3u files) in my collection have been reduced to 0kB; i.e. they don't contain any information at all anymore (so it's not only the tags that get lost), except for the filename. :frowning: Sometimes all files in a directory are lost, sometimes it's just some of them.
My music is stored on an external LaCie 1TB disk. Luckily enough I have backups of most of my music on cd, but new music gets added regularly and I don't feel like losing that.
I can move, copy, overwrite and delete these 0kB files without a problem.
I've been looking for info on this but I can't find any. This post is the first info relating to this.
I use MediaMonkey as media manager.
Andreas, are you sure it is MP3Tag related ? (I hope not, because it's the perfect tagging software I know) Did you find more info ?
Or a combination of MP3Tag and external drive?
I hope someone finds the answer cause I'm puzzled! :flushed:
I just restored the lost mp3's and will try to keep an eye on my collection to see if it happens again...
If anyone faces the same problem, please post...

I can say that I store all my music on external USB drives and often edit tags on these files with mp3tag (using latest versions, but I've been a user for over a year with various versions). I've never had the problem you mention. The first poster sounds as if he can replicate this problem every time (i.e., not a random problem). I suspect something else is going on so you need to post more specifics on exactly what you're doing with the files. Are you sure the 0kb files are not actually there and the windows/mac program you are using just doesn't see the files?