V2.49 naming scripts conversion from V2.46a?

I've gotten help here several years ago with some scripts to use in naming files and naming track titles. MP3Tag has helped me tremendously. I use it exclusively for processing / cleaning up audio book files when I rip audiobooks from CDs and make MP3s to hear on my MP3 player. Also I use MP3Tag when I digitize cassette tracks from cassette audio books and convert them to audio books. Most audio books have their tags done in a most haphazard manner.

When the next version came out (it appears you may just have just released yet another) I upgraded, but none of my scripts or processes worked. After some difficulty I managed to revert to the former version. I’m now back using V2.46a.

I would really like to be using the latest version, but need some help learning how to do the same thing I was doing with V2.46a. I’m sure one of you experts could explain to me VERY quickly the scripts I need.

The particular scripts I'm using with 2.46a that I wish to be able to use with the latest version are as follows:

for renaming tracks from a single disc I use: Mortal Allies-T$num(%track%,2)of20
for renaming files (individual tracks from a single disc), I use: %title%

I have attached screenshots that show the process I am using to rename these files and tracks. I think they will be self explanatory.

Those script not seem to work with the new version. Can you help me to learn what scripts I would use to accomplish these same functions with the latest version?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm not familiar with how to use the forum, so I apologize if I'm not doing it right.

Patrick Hill

MP3tag1of9.pdf (17.6 KB)

MP3tag2of9.pdf (18.5 KB)

MP3tag3of9.pdf (19.4 KB)

MP3tag4of9.pdf (19.5 KB)

MP3tag5of9.pdf (19.6 KB)

MP3tag6of9.pdf (19.8 KB)

MP3tag7of9.pdf (19.9 KB)

MP3tag8of9.pdf (19.6 KB)

MP3tag9of9.pdf (20.4 KB)

Would it be possible to post the screenshots as Image Files and not as PDF's ?