v2.50 - how to handle multi-valued tags?

based on the release notes i thought this issue was fixed:

however, i'm not using discogs web sources, but do have some scripts with multi-valued tag fields.

in my scripts i had been using:

this hasn't worked since 2.49b and now it doesn't work in 2.50 either, the newer versions just output a single backslash.

is there a coding change in the web sources language i need to apply to my scripts?

i tried changing to 6 backslashes, since using the 4 backslashes was resulting in only a single backslash in the tag panel, but that doesn't work. 4 or 6 gets translated back to 1 backslash.
then of course upon saving the tag, no multi-valued tags are created.

any help would be appreciated.
hopefully there is a way to fix, i don't want to be stuck at 2.49a indefinitely.

thanks in advance.

I don't know why the release notes say it is fixed. I have made the same experience as you.

However, the workaround is, you have to double the backslashes compared to version 2.49a, eight backslashes to have two backslahes in the output:

say "\\\\"

Another workaound is using the unicode hex value. This was new introduced in 2.49b. The unicode hex value for a backslash is "005c". Write "\u005c" to get one backslash. For two backslashes

say "\u005c\u005c"

Here is a German topic about the same issue:
[F] Mp3tag 2.49b: Änderungen bei Web Sources?
Have a look at the test script I attached to the last post there, this will make things clear.

sweet! perfect, i was hoping it would be something easy.

8 backslashes does make sense, since 4 was only giving me 1.

anyways, i used the unicode hex value, that seems to be the most foolproof.

just tried it and it works like a charm.
thanks for the assistance!