v2.70 icons -- pretty, but too small

The new icons on the tool bar in 2.70 are much prettier, but still very small

If they're 32x32 then maybe you could go to 64x64 or even 128x128

At least of my menu bar is empty

(Unless of course I missed a setting to change icon sizes -- always a possibility)

I just came on to say exactly the same.

I actually prefer the previous icons style, although the new ones are quite similar. But they are smaller, I think too small for me. Having used the last set of icons for many years, I have become accustomed to their size and position, and now the UI feels a little awkward. First time I opened this new version, I pressed the wrong toolbar button.

I can't see anywhere to select the icon set/size. I hope there's a way to restore the previous set; I'm just too set in my ways I think.

Yes, if the actual graphic on an icon is 'sort of' intuitive as to it's function, its OK.

But I need a larger target to click at

an option like "themes" which you can find in WinRAR would be nice.

so long mp3tag...

I would also like to see an option for different size option on the Toolbar.
But mostly I would like to see an option to select which icons are viewed and be able to arrange the order.