v2.70 ... tagging does not work....

With this latest release every time I try any tag sources I get a message saying 'error connecting to server"
and "could not connect to host"

This worked without issue in earlier versions on most of the standard sources that appear in the drop list. Now none of them will connect.
My web connection is fine.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Try the function Help>Check for updates.
This should have as a result a message box that either tells you that you are up to date or that a newer version is available. Then the web sources should work.

If you do not get any message box, then you have to check the settings of your firewall as you have most likely blocked mp3tag and no internet access is allowed.

It was the firewall. I don't know how it got 'turned off' for mp3tag but after explicitly setting to 'allow' access it is ok now. Thanks.