v2.73 "Anauthorized (401)" error


I just installed v2.73 and now when I try to connect to discogs, musicbrainz, etc I get the following error

mp3tag have access to internet in windows firewall and is also allowed in my discogs account

I also tried recreating the mp3tag.cfg in case it was corrupt but the problem persist.

Any idea of what can be happening and how to fix it? Thanks in advanced for any help.

You can check whether MP3tag has internet access with the function
Help>Check for updates.

You have to get a message box that tells you if you have to update or not.
If you do not get a message box, then MP3tag has no access to the internet.

Hi ohrenkino,

mp3tag has access to internet

That's why I'm disorientated.

Just checking.

The 401-error has been dealt with in this thread: /t/16244/1

Perhaps you have overwritten an updated script/use a different location than before.

For Musicbrainz see e.g. this thread /t/14736/1
which links to the actual web source.

Thanks for reply ohrenkino,

I checked the thread you point out and tried changing those lines in discogs.src and now I get this message

This happens no matter what I search for if the search has two or more words, ie: "soundgarden - king animal"

see this thread: http://forums.mp3tag.de/lofiversion/index.php?t19182.html again and check the keyword "separator" vs. "seperator".

Well, first I replaced




but the problem persisted, so I totally uninstalled mp3tag, clean the registry leftovers with advanced uninstaller and then reinstall mp3tag, now it work perfect, I can't tell you what it was but the problem was in the registry.

Thanks for your help and best regards.