v2.85b is slow


285b is very slow & seems like not working properly. Jerky would be how I describe.

Win7 Ultimate 8 gig ram. Went back one version & fast as always


Any more details you can share on your setup? Are you running a portable or standard installation? Are you using a local or networked user profile?

Edit: I've tested on Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and Windows 10 and had better performance compared to the previous versions. If you have any idea, it's welcome :slight_smile:


— Florian


Standard, local profile just installed over last version. 20 files takes longer (to list, to rename-to refresh) on 2.85B than 10,000 on last version. Over the many years only had a few hiccups. Short while ago version removed all my settings including the folders. Good job I keep a backup.
Win 7 ultimate, 8 gigs ram no changes last few years.
thanks Florian.. this is just info that may help others


Still trying to find out what is causing the slow-down. Do you have a anti-virus software running that is very busy at %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\library ? Or do you have files with large cover art?

Thanks for any pointers you can give!

— Florian


Can you also try with v2.85c?


– Florian


just got 285D
Fast as always thanks Florian


Thanks! Glad it's back to normal.


Tried E but crawling.... so slow

now using v2.85 (Ligtning fast)

all that came after are much slower.

I use Mp3Tag to always remove embedded art so no large pix.

As an experiment loaded 100 files with version E took 20 seconds to change genre.

2.85 was so fast like a blink


Still trying to understand this more. The latest builds are more heavy on the hard-disk than previous versions which stored everything in memory. But a semi-decent HDD should be able to cope with the load and not give this huge decrease in speed.

Are you running any other HDD-demanding tasks?


Any chance of getting some more information here? Have you tried v2.85h yet?

Kind regards
— Florian


Hi Florian for the first time in years I turned off updating notifications as last few versions so slow.

2.85H is FAST like normal. Thanks for the ongoing work