V2.88d: Tag-Panel does not show UNSYNCEDLYRICS in vertical layout

In my tag panel I have a field for UNSYNCEDLYRICS - or should I say "had"?
The tag panel is in vertical layout (the way it is shipped).
The last field that is shown is the cover.
The list of fields for the tag panel in Tools>Options>Tag Panel shows an entry for UNSYNCEDLYRICS. But the tag panel does not show it. It ends with the cover display.

BUT: if I move the tag panel to the more horizontal layout, then the field for UNSYNCEDLYRICS is back - for this layout. As soon as I return to the vertical layout, it is gone again.

What I also did: I moved other fields about, I deleted the field for UNSYNCEDLYRICS, applied this layout, add the field again. Behaviour as described.

The field has multi-line layout - but setting it to single line layout does not make any difference.
Actually, I would like to have that field back again also in vertical layout

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It's working fine hereTM. Can you please provide your usrfields.ini which shows this behavior?

Here you go.
usrfields.ini.txt.zip (506 Bytes)

and also a screenshot of the configuration dialog that shows that there should be another field:

Unfortunately, I also cannot reproduce it given the above usrfields.ini. The field Songtext shows fine here (both as single-line and multi-line field).

Can you try this configuration:
usrfields.zip (501 Bytes)

I seem to have found it:
The tag panel cover display overwrites the bottom fields.
So if you resize the MP3tag window grabbing one of the horizontal window edges and you reduce the size of the window, you will notice that always the bottom field gets overwritten by the cover display.
The scroll bar, unfortunately, suggests that there are no more fields.
If you increase the height of the window again, one field after the other reappears.

That is why I did not find any improvement, when I used the sample usrfields.ini

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Good catch! Thanks, I'll look into that.

Bumped into same problem, but in my case last field before cover is LANGUAGE

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I've fixed this with the latest Development Build Development Build Mp3tag v2.88e.

Thanks for reporting!

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