V2.91 - Auto-Numbering Wizard - "restart" glitch?

I'm reporting a bug? in 2.91 which disappeared when I downloaded 2.91 a second time and reinstalled it. So it may not be a bug, but I thought you would want to know about it, since sometimes issues are related to uninitialized RAM or some transient boundary condition. Both downloads (mp3tagv291setup.exe) were 3,531KB, with the same MD5 checksum, so the install files weren't at fault. Possibly the installation process glitched?

The problem was that when auto-renumbering a set of 15-20 folders, with "restart numbering for each folder" selected, numbering was restarted several times within each folder. The restarting appeared to be inconsistently related to the existence of numerical digits in the filename, but that's just a wild guess. In any case, the problem was consistent until I reinstalled, and then restarting numbering for each folder worked correctly.



Can you still reproduce it?
The auto-numbering wizard starts with 1 everytime it crosses a folder boundary with the current file.
So if the files were not sorted by folder the reset probably happened a number of times.

It is not quite clear to me where MP3tag disappeared. But if you are happy now and all is well, let us not dig into this too deeply.

The problem disappeared when I reinstalled Mp3tag. I followed exactly the same procedure, but it is possible I had mistakenly sorted the list by another field when the problem occurred.

I don't think it's a real bug, but I wanted to let you know. Sometimes one little thing is related to some other concern that the user is unaware of.

Thanks for the fast reply. No need to dig further!


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