V3.05 adding dashes to all TITLE tags on load

Just installed today from v3.03 and I started seeing dashes being added to all white spaces in the title tag only.

This has to be a build issue...never seen this unwelcome behavior before.

If I manually replace title with anything else with whitespaces, the dashes remain gone....but on load....every single MP4 has a dash where a space belongs!

EDIT: MP4 not MP3.

Anyone else seeing this?


My file names are derived from the tags....there are no tags as show in the filenames, but when I open them in v3.0.5....there are dashes everywhere....I confirmed that MP3's are unaffected by this.

I loaded a couple MP4 files and cannot reproduce this behaviour.
So what does your column definition look like?

As the filenames have the word "Resolution" inserted in front of the brackets, I think that some further processing happens on your side.

ooooooh man....this is a false flag on my end....and the short version, in my 2016 GMC Yukon XL......to play video files on the touchscreen and keep it sorted in order, the dashes were put in so it would sort correctly as it was dropping off the title after the first white space was seen on any given filename using the title tag of the file.......the fix was to add dashes to have a contiguous title tag for the Yukon to represent the track title correctly...

That was almost 2 years ago....the files I'm pulling from where those modded and forgotten....my media archives all open correctly...I just happened to update to v3.0.5 today and noticed it....jumped the gun on the root cause....sorry about that....please lock this thread.