V3.07 doesn't seem to be reading APEv2 tags

I did a lot of work tagging my files with v3.06a. As a final step on the files I use in the car I ran mp3gain which added APEv2 tags to everything. Everything worked fine.

I finally made my trip to Ireland and copied my files here. I also upgraded Mp3tag on my computer here to the latest version. I read in my files and a bunch of info is missing in Mp3tag. Like virtually everything. Artist, Title, and Album, for example.

Using TeamViewer I logged back into my computer in the States, brought up Mp3Tag v3.06a on it and looked at the same files. All of the album/artist/etc information was there. I copied a few files that I could see were working there over to my computer in Ireland. Same issue -- except one file did have all of the info properly displayed and that one did not have the APEv2 tag (hence my suspicion). I opened the files I brought with me with foobar2000 on the computer here and lo and behold all of the data is displayed exactly as expected. I am running Win 7 in the States and Win 8 here in Ireland.

Anyone else see something like this? Maybe I fat-fingered something but I don't see what. I have Mp3tag options set to read all tags, including APE. Thanks!

If you have a file with APE tags and ID3Vx tags but these tags are out of sync (which is often the case if you use mp3gain which writes the gain info only in APE tags but leaves the other data in the ID3V2 tags) and you load such a file into MP3tag with all tags to read set to "on", then you only see the APE tag data as MP3tag lets APE tags have priority over ID3Vx tags.
So if you are missing the ordinary information then switch off reading APE tags.

Thank you very much. I unchecked the APE read box, reloaded the files, and the data is now there in Mp3tag. I went back and looked at the options on my remote computer, running v3.06a. Sure enough they were set to NOT read the APE tag which is why that version was working. I notice also that after reloading the files here, the TAG field went from APEv2(ID3v2.3 APEv2) to ID3v2.3(ID3v2.3 APEv2) I guess saying that Mp3tag was displaying the info from the ID3v2.3 tag but that an APEv2 tag was also present. Mystery solved and I appreciate the education!

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