V3.15 x64 Mass Cover Adjustments Changed

Hi! First time poster here =)

As long as I've been using MP3Tag, it's been several years, I could open MP3Tag on a large group of albums, each in it's own subdirectory, select all the songs displayed, right click where the cover graphic is, select "adjust cover" (I always maxsize to 500), hit ok and Ctrl + S to save, and it would downsize all those album covers to 500 max. Now with 3.15 x64, it won't downsize anything until I reduce the selection to one album at a time. It inspires great sadness! :wink:

Anyhow, just reporting the change since it seems like an odd thing to do on purpose. Cheers everyone!

I could reproduce your observation in repect to the tag panel context menu.
Yet, the action "Adjust Cover" still works ... so if you are in desperate need to adjust the cover size, it may be worthwhile to resort to a quick action.

Many thanks for reporting! Weeks of beta tests with hundreds of installations did not reveal what you found in the first hours after today's release :slight_smile:

I've fixed the issue and uploaded a preliminary beta version which will most likely become v3.16 in a few days (I'm waiting for other surprises before releasing another official version).

Can you please test this version and check if it's back to normal?


I only tested "Adjust cover" in the tag panel.
And that works now.

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It does work now with 3.15a, exactly as the previous versions did. Thank you!

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Adjust cover is a great feature, thank you! But it works only for one album at a time, If you select several albums and set adjustment to - lets say - 200, it seems to do something, but the nothing is done, the size of the covers remains the same. If you could fix thism the great feature will be even greater! Thank you for your consideration,

Can you try the version from post #3?

This works! Thank you! Danke schön!!!

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Excellent! Thanks for confirming the fix.

It's now fixed with Mp3tag v3.16.