Value for "Album Interpret" in iTunes, but not in MP3Tag

I deleted all Tags "Album Interpret" inside MP3 Tag.

As fieldname I use "BAND" inside the Tag Panel, as mentioned in

Of course I updated the whole database of iTunes.
But still "album interpret" is filled in some albums/ tunes.

Do you have any idea what causes that behaviour.
Are any problems known around tagtypes, may be?

But I use the same tag type everywhere: IP3v2.3

Thank you.

I've tried to reproduce it here but everything worked as expected:

  • Removed BAND field via View > Tags or Alt+T
  • Removed file from iTunes
  • Added file to iTunes again
Kind regards,

Thanks for testing.
At the moment I do not have a working windows system (it brakes during my migration to linux), so I couldn't do other test to verify how to reproduce the behaviour.

Sure I will miss MP3Tag under Linux.
Could anyone recommend a comparable tool which works under linux to me?

Mp3tag :smiley:

Just a joke, or did you mean that mp3tag works, may be under WINE?

Yes, it works under Wine (just follow the link to get some hints and see some screenshots).

That is the good news of the day! Thanks a lot for that hint. :slight_smile:

Sorry that I first did not follow your link. I did not even think of the possiblity that it could work, because I had several failures with WINE.
E.g.: in Dreamweaver under WINE it is impossible to insert content of the clipboard. That little but essential function keeps me of using that editor under WINE.

Unfortunately I had bad luck with the installation of MP3TAG.
Please see the new thread: