Value of the tag „Title” field

Impossible to change value of the tag „Title” field

I want to change the value of the tag “Title” field by importing info from other field, let’s say form “Comment” field for example
Tried to do this via Format value action. No successful results achieved.
Field: Title
Format string: %comment%

Tried via Convert -> Tag – Tag. No successful results achieved
Field: Title
Format string: %comment%
Preview shows all OK. After pressing OK, no successful conversion.

Tried with various files, with various versions of mp3tag on various machines with various versions of Windows…

Any suggestions?

Get one of the treated files.
Have a look at the extended tags and see if you have accidently created a field e.g. with the name TITEL.
Also: check what kind of tags you are reading and what you are writing and which tag versions can be found in the files.
If you have APE tags in the files, get rid of these and try again.
Set Tools>Options>Tag>Mpeg
so that you only write V2 (and possibly V1) but no APE tags but that you read and delete all types.

Thank you, worked!

As there were so many possibilities: what worked?

It was mistake of mine actually.
TILTE was used for field name by me instead of TITLE.
After correction of mistake everything worked as should.