Variable Filename to Tags

My filenames have the following pattern:

'artists'[a number of spaces]-[a number of spaces]'title'[a number of spaces]'(album)'

The problem is that the title can also be something like "abc (def)" followed by a number of spaces and then "(album)".

Examples(with.mp3 ending):

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Moguai, Julian Perretta - Body Talk (Mammoth) (Original Mix)
EDX - Everything (Cazzette Remix)
EDX- Everything (Cazzette Remix)

The obvious thing to try is Filename->Tag. So I tried this, but I did not manage to come up with a way to consider the optional second title thing and the variable number of spaces.

However, I managed to describe the name with a simple Regex:
(.+?)[ ]-[ ](.+?[ ](?:(.+))?)[ ](?:((.*)))

Is there a way to edit multiple tags at once with a regex?

As long as the pattern of data an separator stay the same, you are fine
artist - album
artist - album
it can be split into various fields: use only the single space.
You end up for the double-space construction with extra spaces at the end of the artist field and a leading space for the album field.
You may then apply a format-value-action with the $trim() command to get rid of these spaces.

Or you run 2 "replace" action over the filename that first replace every hyphen-space with space-hyphen-space and then all double-spaces with a single space.
Finally you use a "Guess value" action for _FILENAME
with the pattern you would have used in the convert filename-tag-function.

The way I understand your solution, is that it only works for every category when seperated by a sign
The thing is, it is not always like that.
It can be 'artist - title (album)'
or 'artist - title (still title) (album)'
Brackets are in the filename as written.
So the 'still title' part is optional and not actually seperated from the album part.

Yes, you have to adapt your masks to the unique separator for each pattern.
If it is a different pattern, you have to use a different mask.
Or you manipulate the original data in such a way that in the end you have a universal pattern - whatever is easier for you.
Even though the action is called "Guess values" it does not do too much guessing but sticks to the supplied masks.

Your situation is ... $1=artist $2=title $3=album Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Moguai, Julian Perretta - Body Talk (Mammoth) (Original Mix) 1------------------------------------------------- 2-------- 3----------------------- EDX - Everything (Cazzette Remix) 1-- 2--------- 3--------------- EDX- Everything (Cazzette Remix) 1-- 2--------- 3--------------- Proposal 1 ... Action Group Action "Format value" Field: ARTIST Formatstring: $regexp(%_FILENAME%,'^(.+?)\s*-\s*(.+?)\s*(\(.+\))$','$1') Action "Format value" Field: TITLE Formatstring: $regexp(%_FILENAME%,'^(.+?)\s*-\s*(.+?)\s*(\(.+\))$','$2') Action "Format value" Field: ALBUM Formatstring: $regexp(%_FILENAME%,'^(.+?)\s*-\s*(.+?)\s*(\(.+\))$','$3') Proposal 2 ... Action "Guess values" Source format: $regexp(%_FILENAME%,'^(.+?)\s*-\s*(.+?)\s*(\(.+\))$','$1===$2===$3') Guessing Pattern: %ARTIST%===%TITLE%===%ALBUM% To remove round brackets from the tag-field ALBUM, you have to do an additional step.


Ohrenkino, I see what you mean.
I decided to go with DetlevD's second proposal as I do not have to rename anything at all.
Thanks you both for the help, I really appreciate it.