Variable %rating mm% empty

As of version 2.52, it does not correctly retrieve the variable %rating mm% when its value is 5, is it possible?

if you really still use

then I would seriously consider an update to the current version.
Also have a look at the change history:

[2014-12-10] FIX: updated RATING MM to use latest mapping of values.

Thank you very much for answering. I have installed version 3.02 and the same thing happens to me.
Doesn't it happen to anyone else? Only when the value is five.Mp3Tag3.02

I just created a column with
Field: %rating mm%
Value: %rating mm%

and entered a 5 for 1 track and ***** for another track - and both were dispalyed as "5".

Could you check the column definition?

Yes, that's correct, but this happens to me when the value comes from an external application (in my case "MediaMonkey") and later I edit with Mp3Tag.

You set the rating in Mediamonkey and that rating then cannot be found in MP3tag?
What kind of files are these?
If they are MP3 files: do you write any information to APE tags but you do not read them?
Do values that you set in MP3tag appear in Mediamonkey?
And is this also true for for other fields?
Do modifications by Mediamonkey show in files when you read them in MP3tag?

Yes, I set the rating to MediaMonkey and it looks correct (rating 5) with version 2.52 and below. The rest of the variables look correctly.
They are mp3 files.

Which leaves the questions:

Excuse me, I need my pc to do the test. Right now I can't access.

Sorry for the waiting. I have done the test and after being modified it does correctly save the rating between MediaMonkey and Mp3Tag. The problem may be in the first reading, before Mp3Tag updates it.