Various Artist / Soundtrack

Now that I'm reaching almost 17000 MP3s, I'm trying to reign them in so they're easier to manage. One of my biggest headaches is Various artist releases and sound tracks.

I promise I searched the forum and I couldn't find any good examples of how people deal with them. I know about the 'Album Artist' or 'Band' tags, but I would love to hear how people use them.

I'm currently putting either 'Soundtrack' or 'Various Artist' in %various artist%, and then using Tag -> Filename using this:

e:\\audio$if2(%album artist%,%artist%)\%album%\%track% - %title%$if(%album artist%, - %artist%,)

Which will give me something like:

e:\\audio\Soundtrack\Electric Dreams\03 - The dream- Culture Club.mp3

for soundtracks and

e:\\audio\They Might Be Giants\Flood\05 - Dead.mp3

for non soundtracks.

any ideas or suggestions?

howdy nolageek,

for va and soundtracks, i use a top folder of "by_album" and then use ...

... for my tag-to-filename config.

that give me these ...

  • directory names

  • file names

for my artist stuff i use this ...

... and get this ...

  • directory names

  • file names

as you can see, i like underscores. [grin] i use them to make the dir/file names more readable for my really bad eyes.

take care,