Various Artists Name Change

Not quite sure if the title to this is accurate, but its the best I can do :slight_smile:

Im using 2.46a and it works like a champ. My question is that I have a 'Various Artists' cd that has been downloaded. The problem is that all tags, while completely accurate, is not how I want the information displayed because my media player picks up the songs by artist name. This means that I essentially cannot play the entire cd by selecting just the artist type.

What I would like to do is change all the artist info to just 'Various Artist' (pretty easy to do by highlighting all the songs and changing 'Artist'), but the harder part that I need help with is to take make the title of the song = 'Artist - Title', rather than just 'Title'. This information can be taken from the filename if this helps. Does anyone have any input on this?


before you level all different artists to "various" read
(it is an faq, by the way)
wich explains how to append a field. In your case the pattern would read
%artist% - %title%