Various Artists recognition by Tag>Filename

Is it possible to have mp3tag figure out if an album has multiple artists by comparing if the album tag has more than one artist for it? At first I was wondering if it could be done through tag to filename, however I am fairly sure that's not possible, however I don't know if it would be possible for the rest of mp3tag to recognize that. So I am asking, is it possible for mp3tag to consider a chunk of files by their album tag, see if there's only one artist present, and if there is, mark off in some other field 'VA' or whatever. From there I would be able to use the functions in tag to filename.

Thanks for your help, I have been using mp3tag for several years and am still exploring it's endless functions. It is bar none the best.

As nice as it sounds, at closer look I would not want such a function - there are so many albums like "The best of" or "The works" - all by individual artists that I would not like to get a "VA" tagging automatically. Or classical music spins around a set of traditional compositions that are interpreted by various orchestras and other artists. They do not deserve to be labelled "VA",

Or if it were done automatically, I would have to revert the action manually.

I am afraid that it comes down to that manual work - but as you have experienced, MP3tag has an awful lot of great features to filter, sort and format fields.

I can't think of how. Mp3tag actions only operate with individual files.

Aha, I had typed up a full paragraph reply when I realized the solution. I don't need the program to automagically figure out what's VA, I can just label it myself very very quickly just by selecting everything like I normally do and instead of using a different tag>filename function, just add that special tag and then use a general tag>filename function! This wouldn't be difficult to do retroactively because I can filter for everything that has VA in the filename and quickly add that tag. Thank you soooo much for such a simple solution!!!

Here's new tag>filename string:
$iflonger(%origyear%,0,%origyear%,%year%.00.00) $iflonger(%origartist%,0,%origartist%,%artist%) - %album% '['$iflonger(%origalbum%,0,%origalbum% ,)%_extension%']'\%discnumber%'['$num(%track%,2)']' %artist% - %title%