various artists

Hi, I would to know how to indicate to mp3tag that an album is a compilation?
All my music is ripped in WMA Lossless via Windows Media Player
In Album Artists tag i've mentionned : Various Artists
In Artists : tagged with the corrects artists
Thanks to all! :wink:

Why would you need to indicate this to Mp3tag? AFAIK, Mp3tag doesn't use this information for anything. Usually, it's the other way around - you use Mp3tag to mark the album as a compilation so that your application recognizes it as such.

Assuming that this is what you mean, from the Mp3tag Help it looks like Mp3tag maps ITUNESCOMPILATION to the necessary WMA compilation field. Set ITUNESCOMPILATION to 1 (I'm guessing that's the needed value) and see if Windows Media Player recognizes it.