VBR / playlength


I am well aware of the usual probs with VBR files in case they lack a XING header.

Question is: how does MP3TAG support the LENGTH tag in IDV2?
MP3TAG's length calculation and bitrate display fails if no XING present.
(btw- why not take at least a dozen frames for building an average, spread widely over the file.
Vbr files (all music files .. ) usually start with very little volume/close to silence , thus the encoder chooses a very low bitrate -> so the resulting length of the file becomes usually far to big)

I do think VBR files without XING must be considered as valid mp3 files .. so this problem should be solved within MP3TAG. Repairing all vbr and adding a XING ist not a good solution (yes, I found VBRFIX and gave it a try)

I think MP3TAG should be capable of scanning entire files in case they are vbr and contain no XING in order to
a ) recreate a XING haeder
b ) write at least the correct length into the IDV2 tag "length"
this could help a lot , as some progs look for that tag if no XING present

(And yes, I am aware this would be a lengthy task ..)

how is that tag accessible at all?
Did not find any options to get hold of it