VBR vs. constant bitrate

Hello, I have a question - my collection of mp3s is organized like this:
Folder name:"artist - album name (bitrate)"
bitrate is either number (128kbps, 192kbps) or variable (VBR).
For MP3Tag to rename my folders of albums correctly, I have to use two different settings of folder naming (hence two different mp3tag.cfg files) which I manually switch (through a use of macro obviously) but then I have to restart MP3Tag in order to the different mp3tag.cfg to come in effect. Can MP3 tag somehow recognize that album is in variable bitrate and therefore offer a "VBR" text instead of 136kbps(or any other nonstandart number) in folder renaming (variable %bitrate%)?

Thank you for any advice, other than this, I love this program :slight_smile:


Use the field %_vbr%

The field will contain either VBR or CBR.

Thanks, but this doesnt help - I would need a decisive algorythm - because if it is CBR, then i want number and suffix "kbps" (like "128kbps"), if it is VBR, then "VBR" is good enought.

You really don't need different mp3tag.cfg files to make different allbum structures with Mp3tag.
Which tool from Mp3tag do you use for renaming?

You can use scripting to check if a file has VBR:


Awesome, that was EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you very much. :slight_smile: