Version 3.11h virus signature

I received multiple times on Windows Defender using Windows 10 home a virus detected warning and this version would not download to my computer.
As a workaround, I shut off all windows protection settings, installed the app. Then I turned on the protection and opened 3.11h and works with no issues.
Since it was blocked when it finished downloading, The type of virus is not listed.

This is just a matter of time. M$ needs a bit time until they update the detection patterns for this new version.

In the meantime, you can check yourself the result for the newest Mp3tag v3.11h - none of the 67 used virus detection programs find something suspicious:

including the valid signature:


Thanks for your help on this. I figured it was just my Windows Virus Protection with the signature needing updated on their end

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I've manually checked with Windows Defender using the latest definitions 1.355.1916.0 with no reports of any issues. Maybe your definitions are (slightly) outdated?

A quick note. It was on my end. Some other Windows 10 issues afterwards. I reinstalled Windows 10 last weekend without touching my files.
v3.12 just installed with no issues!!

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