Version 3.14 folder picture isn't saved

I updated new version MP3Tag.
In old version, when I write the tag infomation with MP3Tag, will saved folder.jpg in same folder of song files, but I found updated version isn't save, and I chose the option (save image to disc).
Maybe I set up some options wrong?
Thanks for help.

You speak about the Tag Source option "Save image to disc", right?

Which Tag Source do you use exactly?

BTW: Do you use the Mac version of Mp3tag or the Windows version?

Thanks for your reply.

You speak about the Tag Source option "Save image to disc", right?
-Yes, in old version, a folder.jpg will saved in songs folder.

Which Tag Source do you use exactly?
-iTunes UK or US Sources.

BTW: Do you use the Mac version of Mp3tag or the Windows version?
-I used Windows, version 3.14.

The help says:

Save image to disc
If checked, saves the imported image to a file using a file name specified at Options → Tag Sources.

Please check your settings (especially the path for 'Default file name for cover art' and the used placeholders) in File -> Options -> Tag Sources

I already set finish this option, but folder.jpg still not save... :expressionless:

I just tried it with my Mp3tag version 3.14k and the Tag Source saves the folder picture to the same folder as my album.

Are you sure that your album has a cover at your source and also show it in the Tag Source result window in the upper right corner?

Does your album has some "strange" characters in the folder name?

I am sure Sources can show the cover art image in "Adjust tag information" window.
Please look my upload picture.

When I writen tags succes, MP3Tag main window will display right cover, but I still can't extract cover, but I can drag and drop image directly with the mouse.

Now I try re-install, maybe will works. :rofl:

Could you please try to set a fixed existing, local path into File -> Options -> Tag Sources.
Something like
(you can use whatever path you are sure that it exists on your local HDD or SSD and where you have sufficient write access. folder is the name for your cover picture).

This would show us if you have a problem with your Y:\[Temp] path.

Yes, I think this too. Folder (Y:[Temp]) is my mapped network drives, permissions should be enough, but I used and operated like this in previous versions.

I just install the newest beta version, my problem solved :star_struck:

Thanks for your help~

Thank you for your feedback!

You say:
With the official "stable" Mp3tag v3.14 it doesn't save cover art from Tag Source, but with the newest beta v3.14k it works fine with the same album and the same mapped network drive Y?

Maybe it is related to the fix in v3.14a:

  • FIX: saving cover to local file did not work anymore when importing from Tag Sources (since 3.12c). (#56823, #56924)

Yes, right now (3.14k) I can save the cover image like earlier version.
Thanks. I love MP3Tag :rofl:

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