Video file MP4 BPM tag issue

My video subscription to promo only video is giving me tracks in MP4 which is great, the problem I'm having is the BPM tag. It is coming up as 00098 BPM, I want it to format to 98 only, but when I manually double click into the BPM tag to change it, it reverts back to the format as shown as 00098 bpm. If I clear the bpm tag, it stays empty.

When I put the same track into serato dj to play the video, the track renders just as 98....I'm not entirely sure what the issue is. All my audio mp3's display BPM as I want, not sure what the deal is with the video.

Any ideas how to correct this?

The leading zeros are a feature of the mp4 format.
The reperesentation in MP3tag should be of no concern.

but I can't delete the bpm in the tag that all a format thing?

No, the BPM field should be editable just like any other field. What about those like ALBUM or ARTIST?

They are all editable....the BPM seems to have some recursive format it keeps bring back when you enter the any number...all other fields are ok.

It sounded as though you wanted to delete the BPM field.
As soon as the BPM field is there, you get the leading zeros. You cannot delete the zeros. That's the way it is.

I made video for you to see:

Let me know your thoughts after. TY for your time.


Thank you for the video.
That what you have experienced is the absolutely normal behaviour for mp4 files im MP3tag.
You just enter the number and you get the leading zeros plus the string BPM for free in the display ;-).
You see that you can edit only the number so all the extra bits are only display but not embedded data.

Kind of figured...just wanted to be sure......TY for your help and feedback....Chris