Videogame Soundtrack / Steam releases

Could anyone give me a hand to correctly tag each track from an album I'm soon to release on steam?

Some tags don't seem to make sense or are hard to adapt to videogame releases.

Artist is important to find files, but as Artist is one of the most important tags, it should be the name of the game and not of the actual composer - while composer is almost a secondary tag that is sometimes hidden is the actual musician.

Can you show me examples if you have released your music on steam? Thank you

I don't agree that it should be the name of the game.
I would use:
ARTIST: the actual performer or producer
TITLE: the currently playing track
ALBUM: Name of the Game + "Soundtrack"
TRACK: sequential number
YEAR: Release year
COMPOSER: the composer
INVOLVEDPEOPLE: all the ones that contributed.
UNSYNCEDLYRICS: the complete lyrics if there are any. For Instrumentals note "Instrumental"
For a list of supported fields, have a look at the documentation:

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Excellent answer and suggestions. Thanks for such a prompt answer! Ive just downloaded some soundtracks from steam to understand how others have done it too. Cheers!

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