View Column for MP3 Files Embedded Artwork Size?

View Column for MP3 Files Embedded Artwork Size?

Is that possible in mp3tag? I want to be able to sort my songs by the embedded cover art dimensions such as (500x500) so I can easily point out the files I need to replace artwork for.

You cannot see the dimensions.
You can see the size.
If you want to see the dimensions, export the cover art to the file system and let Windows Explorer search for the picture files. In Windows Explorer you can add a column that shows the dimensions and sort by it.

Examples for Mp3tag listview column definitions ...

for embedded cover images.

Name : Covers Value : %_covers% Sort by : numerical Name : Cover Size Value : [$fmtnum(%_cover_size%)] Sort by : %_cover_size%
    <!--coloro:#000000--><span style="color:#000000"><!--/coloro-->: numerical<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->
Name : Covers/Size Value : [%_covers%' / '$fmtnum($div(%_cover_size%,1024))' KB'] Sort by : $right($repeat('0',2)%_covers%,2)$right($repeat('0',12)%_cover_size%,9) Name : Cover Filetype Value : $replace(%_cover_mimetype%,'image/',$char(0),'jpeg','jpg') Name : Cover Type Value : %_cover_type%

The cover dimensions are not supported.


I see... thanks anyways, I will sort them by size.

The size in bytes does not tell anything about the dimensions, though.

Thanks a lot for this!