View or remove field in extended tag (uniquefileid)

By clicking on a file and selecting extended tags I can see that the file has a "uniquefileid". Well actually two.

Im wanting to tag a number of files as per their original release. Ie not a compilation or best of by looking them up on CDDB. However when doing this they are always being recognised as the compilation rather than the original unless I delete these fields.

Ideally I'd like to show these fields in the columns and remove them on a per album basis but they dont seem to be available.

If there was another way of doing this I'd appreciate any help.

Also, probably would have been better in another thread, but is is possible to include artwork in the columns also? Just the first cover would be great. Though Id assume this would require a lot of memory to generate. Thought Id ask the question though!

Keep up the good work guys. Great program and certainly the easiest way to edit mp3tags in bulk.

You can bulk-delete fields with the extended tags dialogue.
Select all the files that should be treated inthis way, regardless whether they have or have not the superfluous field.
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
Select line with the field name that you want to delete.
Press the red x (for delete) next to the field list.
Press OK to apply the changes.

You can find out whether a file has a cover if you either apply a filter or create a column with either _COVERS as value or with COVERSIZE (or columns for both)
_COVERS shows you the number of covers,
coversize the size. Any variations may be a hint that the files do not have the same cover or a varying number.

Thank you very much for that. It seems you can simply type this field name in although it does not appear in the extended fields drop down. Should have thought of that earlier! :huh:

Cheers, Gavin