Viewing Album Art

How do we view the Album art in the bottom left hand corner when we highlight a file or song? When I highlight a song or file, they do not show if it has album art. Currently I will have to play the file and let WMP open to check to see if an album art is already attached. In WMP the album art comes right up even though it is showing blank in MP3Tag. I know at some point I was able to view this just by highlighting the song. Or at least I thought I was able too.

Thanks for you help


Well you should know if the art is in the tag or as seperate image file in the folder of the audio files.
WMP saves/shows covers also as hidden Folder.jpg files..
By default only covers that are embedded are shown in Mp3tag.
You can go to Options > Tags and uncheck the option "Don't display first image from ..." to see the cover from the folder.

Perfect!!! Your awesome. Thank you. Thats exactly what I was needing. But now it brings a question. Will my mp3 player use this album art or does it need to be embedded? I have the Zune 80. Thanks for you help!