Viewing File Attributes in main view?

Is there any way to customise columns in the main list view to show file attributes, as they would show up in WinExplorer, or is it a future addition?

You can do size, filename, location, filetype, date modified (I think) and others I can't name of the top of my head. What others do you require?

Just Attributes. I like to make sure that all the file attributes in all my MP3s are the same. I love consistency :wink:

The Dos command can be launched through mp3tag as a tool and you can have it automatically change attributes there so they are the same.. I'm not at a computer right now but if I get a chance I'll try help. One website I found which explains changing attributes through the dos command and is a tool which could help you is xxcopy :

What about the brute force approach with a command shell and the command
attrib /s -h -a -r *.mp3

This removes any read-only attributes in all subfolders and files.


View -> Customize Columns -> [New] -> Choose values from the 'Information Fields' list.

You do realise that windows will change the file attributes when necessary, so having them "all the same" will be a continuous job for you.

Only during certain times, like copying from optical disc.

And there's nothing about Attributes in the "Information Fields" list.

We still don't know what 'the same' is after many posts. It would be great if you could clarify what you want them set as.

I've added the attribute tag on my 10,000+ music library to check for curiosity and everyone of them are set as A which is Archive. I didn't even bother to check this but seems I was very lucky with consistency. :ph34r:

When my files are created, they're set as Archive and nothing else.

How did you set the attribute tag? I saw nothing that even resembled an attribute tag in that menu.
Or is this in a newer Mp3tag?

No, in windows explorer. I can't see why mp3tag would even need this. I really don't get what you're trying to do here. I've haven't in over 10 years bothered to check this and yet 10k files are all the same.

If you say that and you know that then why do you need to add a column?

Just wishful thinking, maybe. :wink:

Archive bit ->

Actually, no. there are many background file operations that will change, set or reset the attributes of a file