Viewing Multiple Values


I read the topics concerning adding multiple values to a field, such as, "Dave Matthews\\Tim Reynolds" for ARTIST. The problem I am experiencing is that when I do this, the only ARTIST visible is the last one I list, so "Tim Reynolds" in my example. How do I determine if it is actually retaining the second ARTIST?

For reference, my MPEG settings are:
x ID3v1
x ID3v2


  • ID3v2.3 UTF-16

x ID3v1

I am working with Windows XP (laptop) and Vista (desktop), windows media player, and Zune software. My use of your product is to fix issues with Zune tagging, and your software has been fantastic.


Where is that visible?

For the audio format MP3, WMP uses just a slash to mark multiple artists, so in Mp3tag you must write Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds


It is visible in the ARTIST field of the panel.

Does the WMA format use the same / convention?


Ok. WMA uses a different method which is currently not supported in Mp3tag.


Oh well.... Thanks for the assistance.

Should I convert my WMA files to a different format, such as MP3?


I'd try to avoid converting the files since it's always with a quality loss. But it's your choice, I don't know how badly you need this feature.
Maybe multiple WMA tags will be supported in one of the next versions and you can wait.


That's what I thought (and am hoping). Thanks again.


Multiple values should be handled correctly now with the latest Development Build for all fields that support multiple values.

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Thank you very much!!