Viewing Oddball tags

I see from a discussion about "album artist" and Florian's usual calm (the minutiae of getting tags right would drive a saint to madness and blasphemy) competent help in pointing to the table of extended ID3V2/WMA tags, that it is possible to add all kinds of weird tags to an mp3 header.
My question is how to see them when you're trying to track down some weirdness....the usual columns don't show them. Is there somewhat to add a column that will show these extended attributes or alert you to their use so you can click on the Extended tags icons to see them?

Is there somewhat to add a column that will show these extended attributes or alert you

None I've found. I tried using the undocumented _ALL that I'd spotted in a couple of other places on the UI, but found it is not recognised as a placeholder. If anyone know a way of getting all fields out in Export, please do tell!

For file view specifically, perhaps there could be an improvement to do this display of extended fields. Since "extended" is undefined, I suggest it be interpreted as "not already shown" i.e. there'd be a placeholder like:

%_othercolfieldnames% Tab-separated list of names of fields not otherwise referenced in columns

The user could display this direct (or with TAB replaced by e.g. ','), or for just a compact alert use a script expression to turn it into just the quantity. The app would find it tricky to make the values accessible given there's no reserved character for use as separator in a corresponding %_othercolfieldvalues%, so perhaps it would have a new script function

$fieldval(f) returns the value of any field having name x

This could be useful for other things too...

Meanwhile the last time MediaMonkey pooed in my library, the best MP3tag method I found for locating unwelcome tags was to use ALT-T repeatedly on multiple select in a binary chop.

The dialog is not a view to extended attributs but it is an extended view to the tags.

The Panelview displays just a small common subset of possibly tags stuffed into a mp3 file.

I want this to know too!

A scripting function that can be looped over all tagfields currently in a mp3 file would be nice, which return value gives the content of the current loop's tagfield item.


You can try the undocumented function


Hmm, yes, Florian, I have forgotten this fact!

Found this in my database:

Export_Mp3tag_Tag_Dump_Col.mte (216 Bytes)
Export_Mp3tag_Tag_Dump_Row.mte (199 Bytes)
I have a buried fealing of not being fully satisfied, but I cannot remember yet what it was in detail.


Export_Mp3tag_Tag_Dump_Col.mte (216 Bytes)

Export_Mp3tag_Tag_Dump_Row.mte (199 Bytes)

The dialog is not a view to extended attributs but it is an extended view to the tags.

Seems to me it is both! :wink:

I have been around computers since 1980 or so and my father was a eye surgeon and passed to me an appreciation for technique and tools that get things done cleanly and well.
I find so much about the MP3 tagging information standard and its overloading so annoying. I suppose it "just growed", but sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in flypaper, and there is no way to get things to work simply and cleanly. This whole business has aspects of being a black art........

Hope you're feeling better now :slight_smile:

It's actually very easy to tag your files as long as you don't make a black art out of it. Just think about your specific needs, write them down, and find the tools which fit your needs.

Nice function. I always missed such a function. And it was there the whole time. :slight_smile: