Virtual DJ Genre Field When Read in MP3TAG

When I update the genre field for an MP4 in Virtual DJ, it reads correctly, but when I then read the tag in MP3TAG, there are extra characters. I'm not sure if VDJ adds these characters or if MP3TAG does.

Example: In MP3TAG, I will rename genre fields as needed. Say, Rock. I'll then import the files into VDJ. I then make changes to other fields (Key, bpm etc) in vdj, but not the genre field, and click the 'write' button. This writes all updatable fields to the id3 tag in the mp4 file. Now, when I go back into MP3TAG, the genre field for this file reads as follows: Rock\\Rock.

If I update the genre field to say, Rock/f (which means it's a fast rock song) and save the tag in VDJ, MP3TAG reads the tag as Rock\\Rock/f. Still reads correctly in VDJ.

Any explanation for this?

Thank you

Please check the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) whether you have 2 genre fields.
Is suspect that your player adds another field of the type genre.

You can remove duplicate fields with an action. Yet, if the contents is not the same, you probably have to merge them first, and then replace the contents with the correct data.

Yes, there are 2 genre fields. I guess the thing to do is delete the genre field in MP3Tag and just use the genre tag in VDJ.

Thank you.

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