Virustotal info on latest beta 3.11f install file (?)

Hi, I keep getting my MP3tag quarantined by MalwareBytes when doing lookups using beatport or discogs scripts.

So today, I put the latest beta (todays') up to virustotal and here it is -

I see it says "Undetected" on the far right, so do I just put an exclusion in MWB for it? Is this an FP (I hope)?

Thank you!

Any details from MalwareBytes on that?

My guess is that it's a false positive or detecting a burst in write-operations as ransomware. However, you should always use your own judgement on these things.

I'm uploading each build to VirusTotal before I release, so there should have been an existing analysis result when you've uploaded.

Aha - I just checked the notifications, and it turns out it's only triggering/quarantining the *.LNK file on my desktop... (??) So weird, anyhow, I'll just add an exclusion for it - Sorry, my bad, I just saw the virustotal stuff and thought it was weird - I don't use virustotal that often so that didn't help either - Hitman didn't find anything so that's good, even with the virustotal API there so that's fine too...

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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