Vista directory problem


Thanks for MP3Tag.

I have just moved from XP to Vista - SP1.

When I move from a subdirectory to a parent directory all the folders in that parent directory open. In XP I could move to the parent drectory and just see the folders. Now I am faced with the contents of those folders opeing automatically.

Is this a Vista problem or do I have a configuration issue?



Do you mean the dialog that appears when using File > Change directory?

Select File > Change directory

(Choose directory with multiple folders)

Select one Folder and open it.

Select UP icon in order to move to the parent directory and all folders in the parent directory open. ( I would have expected that only the folders would be visible)

(If Subdirectories is not checked, no folders are visible)

Sorry, can't reproduce (and I'm not sure if I understand it 100%). Maybe a screenshot of the problem would help?

OK..let me try to explain it again.

Select Parent Directory which contains 3 folders (Folders 1-3) using the File > Change Directory command

Click on one folder (Folder 1) in that directory and the contents of Folder 1 are displayed.

(Here is the problem as I see it.)

If I use the File > Change Directorycommand I receive the error message 'no items match your search'

If I go back to the same place where the contents of Folder 1 are displayed and click on the Up icon, the ALL the items in Folders 1, 2 and 3 are displayed. I would have thought that I should just go to the Parent Directory containing Folders 1-3 icons.

I hope that this helps.....