VLC picks up unknown tags?

Hi all,

I have some MP3 files that I've been cleaning up with Mp3tag...and while they look fine with Mp3tag itself, as well as most MP3 players, VLC (the popular VideoLAN Client) shows tags that MP3tag doesn't seem to know about.

For example, VLC will show Title, Artist, Genre or Album columns that contain data that doesn't show up in the equivalent fields in Mp3tag and I can't edit out. All values for those fields look correct with MP3tag, yet VLC will show an album name with different capitalization for example, or an artist name using Japanese characters - that sort of thing.

The Extended Tags dialog box in Mp3tag shows nothing beyond what's already visible in the main UI. Telling it to remove all tags doesn't seem to have any effect - VLC somehow manages to read this data from somewhere--bottom line--I don't know where they're coming from. MusicBrainz Picard doesn't see or display this information either.

The PowerShell script from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scrip...9e8d804#content doesn't show these items either.

I suppose re-encoding those MP3 files would get rid of the tags, but this sounds like a drastic solution to me.

I suppose this could be more of a VLC question than MP3tag one. However, while VLC allows some metadata editing, doing it in bulk with VLC sucks when compared to the straightforward process offered by Mp3tag, so if at all possible, I'd much rather use Mp3tag.

Anyone have any thought?

I could upload one such sample MP3 file somewhere if anyone's interested in looking at it. I see the forum software allows for attaching files, however it seems to be limited to 200KB - my MP3s are all well over 5MB.

Do you have allowed VLC to grab metadata from the internet?
VLC Menu Tools -> Preferences -> Interface -> Privacy/Network interaction

What kind of tags are stored with MP3tag and what are your settings in
Tools - > Options -> Tags -> MPEG for read and write?

I never allow apps to automatically change tags. Nothing's checked in VLC under Privacy / Network Interaction

For Mp3tag Options: That's interesting. Under Read, only APE is unchecked; under Write, APEv2 is unchecked, and ID3v2.3 UTF-16 is the selected radio button. Under Remove, everything is checked.

I've just checked APE under Read, shut down Mp3tag and restarted it. Now it shows the tags I wanted to get rid of.

However, while I was allowed to edit them, the edits didn't get saved. I suppose that makes sense, as I had left APEv2 unchecked under Write. So I went back and checked it, and indeed, after re-editing the tags, they got saved.

Thanks!! This solves the problem for me.

Further thoughts: One could probably make the argument that if APE is checked under Remove, then attempting to remove all tags should get rid of the APE tags, even if APE unchecked under Read.

This is how it's implemented in Mp3tag :slight_smile:

Kind regards
— Florian

If that's the case, then it's not quite working as expected (or my expectations are wrong). It was checked under Remove (the default), yet selecting Remove Tags when right-clicking on an MP3 file did NOT remove them. Otherwise I wouldn't even have posted my original message, as I had tried everything I could think of to get rid of these tags that didn't even show up until I checked APE under Read.

If you do not follow the implementation but still want to get rid of APE tags, this time in a more brute approach, let mp3val (freeware) check the files. Mp3val usually identifies APE tags as "Garbage at end". Mp3val allows to "repair" the files" which means it removes the alleged garbage.

Oooookay. It's not whether I want to "follow the implementation" or not. I don't know, I haven't looked at the source. I just reported what I've observed, made a suggestion, and was told this is how it should already be working.