Want Discogs composer tag in the MP3Tag UI

I'm using MP3Tag to transfer tags from Discogs to my iTunes database. I understand that this is a pretty trivial use of MP3Tag, but, none the less, I can't make the process work the way I would like. The MP3Tag application UI is easy for me to understand, but I can't understand why some Discogs information is automatically retrieved and placed in the UI while other items (that I want) are not. One important example for me is the "composer" tag/value that exists in Discogs, but is not moved to the MP3Tag UI. I am sure that if I starting using all the MP3Tag script features, I could make this work, but my work is creating an iTunes database to go with my music. Can I get what I want without learning the ins and outs of MP3Tag?

As a quick overview Mp3Tag has two immediate ways of displaying tag information: the file list columns (where all the files are listed) and the Tag Panel (the optionally visible side pane, View>Tag Panel). By default only a handful of standard tags are made visible.

To see all tags embedded in a selected file however go to the main menu View>Extended Tags (or Alt+T). This will show all the tags for a file.

To make any of those tags visible in the main UI first take note of the tag name (in your case presumably it would in the COMPOSER tag). Then you can either:

  • Add it as a column in the file list by right-clicking one of the column headings and selecting Customize columns... (I believe Composer is already one of the default unchecked items)

  • Or alternatively adding it to the Tag Panel by opening File>Options and in the preferences under Tag Panel adding the desired tag as a new field in the Tag Panel.

Something I am not too sure about:
Does every release info page feature "composer" as data?
I mean: you cannot get what isn't there.

Depends on the release, the available info, and its popularity (ie: how many are willing to go through any liner notes if they exist to add such details).

Many releases don't have much additional info other than the basics, but some may have 'Music By' data, or may include the composer in the notes instead. I guess it would depend how these Discogs import scripts attempt to match and import these as to how successful the mappings are.

Should not the scripts simply put something like NO DATA if there was none, to let know the user that they did work correctly but just had no data to import?

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you are free to modify a script in that way and publish it.