Want to Adjust Field HEIGHT in Tag Panel

I am pretty sure this is not a limitation of just the new Mac MP3TAG.

My "Comments" tags are almost always longer than is viewable in the current single line tag field ...even when its width is set to Wide in Preferences/Tag Panel. I will usually be listing instruments and their player's names, sound mixers, recording studios, etc etc. With that in mind I will ask that there not be too much of a limit on the character length of the field. What is the maximum metadata field length in general?

I would much appreciate the ability to specify a number of lines as a "Height" for the "Comments" field. I will suggest that enabling 'word wrap' would be a welcome and necessary part of adding to the number of visible lines of text.

I am having a wonderful time going through lots of already tagged music and "fixing" messed up tagging with MP3TAG.