Want to remove automatic discnumber from album

here's what I'm using:

%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title% %discnumber%

Preview shows:
"I:\Media Library\Audio\Metallica - Garage Inc. [Disc 1]\11 - Metallica - The More I See.ogg" ->
"I:\Media Library\Audio\Metallica\Garage Inc. [Disc 1]\11 - The More I See [Disc 1].ogg"

What I want is:
"I:\Media Library\Audio\Metallica\Garage Inc.\11 - The More I See [Disc 1].ogg"

The question is:
How do I keep %album% from automatically including the disc number?

The intent is to have all the tracks from a multi-disc album in a single directory, but still have the disc number identified.

I doubt that the same input produces two previews.

I think you have added the "[Disc 1]" in your ALBUM field - so it is not added by MP3tag but already part of the data.

So: remove the disc number from the album field and proceed.
Or what is your problem?

Replace %album% with $regexp(%album%,(.+)\s+[Disc\s*\d]$,$1)

...Holy crap. You're a genius. I had this huge post prepared about how I had done all that, then I really started looking and indeed, the '[Disc 1]' is included in the album name. Somehow I completely overlooked this.

I feel so stOOpid right now. I could have been done with this hours ago.

I suppose that this just reinforces the idea that sometimes you just need to step away from things for a while.


Have a great new year!

When I wrote the OP, I had gone through and added disc numbers for all the tracks that needed them. Somewhere along the way I ended up closing the app and didn't go back and ensure that all the tracks still had the appropriate disk numbers when I started it back up, so I just edited the 'Preview' info in the OP. It didn't occur to me to check the album and track names to be sure that I wasn't duplicating the disc number anywhere.

The [Disc #] in the ALbum is a left over from originally ripping the tracks (in Winamp)

Again, thank you!

If this forum supported it, I'd rep+ you!

OK, so to get the desired outcome, I'm going to have to use two tagname to file name conversions:

%artist%\%album% $num(%track%,2) - %title% '['Disc %discnumber%']

gives the desired track name for multi-disc sets, but I'd have to omit the last section for everything else or I get things like:

"I:\Media Library\Audio\AC-DC - AC-DC Live\01 - AC-DC - Thunderstruck.ogg" ->
"I:\Media Library\Audio\ACDC\ACDC Live\01 - Thunderstruck [Disc ].ogg"

I've done regex stuff before, so if I tried really hard, I could probably come up with 'one regex to rule them all' but I don't know if it's worth the effort.

Thanks for the help everyone, I've been pleasantly surprised at the helpfulness and activity level of the forum here!

Stevehero, I'm going to go check out the regex support. Thanks for the heads up!

I can use this:

%artist%\%album% $num(%track%,2) - %title% $if(%discnumber%,'['Disc %discnumber%']',)

NO! that leaves an insidious blank space at the end of the name of files with no Disc number. Use this instead:
i:\recodedMedia2\%artist%\%album% $num(%track%,2) - %title%$if(%discnumber%, '['Disc %discnumber%']',)

I get the following Preview with both single and ,multi-disc sets:

"I:\Media Library\Audio\Joe Bonamassa - A New Day Yesterday\13 - Joe Bonamassa - Miss You, Hate You [Original Full Length Version].ogg" ->
"I:\Media Library\Audio\Joe Bonamassa\A New Day Yesterday\13 - Miss You, Hate You [Original Full Length Version] .ogg"

"I:\Media Library\Audio\Joe Satriani - Time Machine [Disc 1]\01 - Joe Satriani - Time Machine.ogg" ->
"I:\Media Library\Audio\Joe Satriani\Time Machine\01 - Time Machine [Disc 1].ogg"

Notice that there isn't any 'disc' info for Joe Bonamessa, but Joe Satriani shows a 'disc 1' entry