Want to use filename as the title

Hi All

New to this forum, which looks like its going to be very useful.

Just a quick one if somebody can help.

I would like to copy my filename to the title field

is this easy to do, unfortunately i have no idea,


Use the function
Enter as Convert-mask:

Please note: if there is more inf ormation in the filename than just the title, then it may be possible to retrieve that information as well.
If you have folder names that e.g. represent the album name or the artist name, it may be possible to recycle that information as well.
You would have to give an exact example, though.

thank you, ill have a go

ok seem to have sorted that one, but as you said there is more info in the file name if i can split it out


filename = cloud nine - 1st symphony_copy.mp3

it would be great if i could extract as follows

Artist = cloud nine
title = 1st symphony_copy

is that possible. alot of my file names are like that example


You can use the converter "Filename-Tag".
As format string enter
%artist% - %title%

Thanks Perfect