warning when changing from full track list selection

Hi Florian,

First of all, thank you for maintaining this useful utility. I have made a modest contribution awhile ago.

Many a time when editing a list of tracks, when they are all loaded and selected, after all the manual entries for Album artist, album title, composer, publisher, etc are done and I hit add cover and click OK on it, I by mistake sometimes double click that causes it to react by selecting a track as the mouse cursor after the image selection dialogue is closed stays over the same area, i.e. over selected track. Unless I every time save the editing before I add covers, I end up losing all th e just made entries as when selecting a single track they disappear.

Have a confirmation box when the user changes track selection by clicking a single track when all tracks are selected.

You can move the selection dialogue to a position where there are no tracks under the OK button.
I think that the dialogue remembers its position.
Also, you can set the option Tools>Options>Tags>Save when navigating with cursor keys/mouse click to save the data from the tag panel automatically.
Alternatively, oyu may use the Extended Tags dialogue for this task.