Was there a change to the Cover Art lookup?

I am working my way through my mp3 files, looking for cover art that's missing, since I like to add my own particular cover art to each individual file. But it looks like the V3.08 (or beta version) is filling in the cover art from the freedb Server in the Options field. Because of this, I cannot tell if the cover art for any particular file is there or not. Is there some switch or option I can specify to NEVER lookup any server for cover art? If not, is there a previous version of mp3Tag I can go back to that doesn't do this?


As the freedb server has been shutdown a couple of years ago, I doubt your observation.

The most web source scripts give you the Button "Utils" in the lower left corner of the found search result (the step where you can control if the provided informations match your own tracks).


There you can uncheck "Save image to tag". From then no more covers will be stored in your tags.
To be sure, please repeat this check for the different servers like MusicBrainz, Discogs and others with cover art.

Well it has followers and it still works.and in MP3Tag it's still called freedb.
But freedb never delivered cover immages.

Anyway, Mp3Tag only looks for cover-images when someone calls a websource.

I was referring to the Options -> Tag Sources -> freedb -> freedb Name Service field, not to the dbPowerAmp freedb Server option.

Could be. But how does this help in the context of this thread?
Esp. if you consider

and also:

It seems to matter since my ripping software doesn't add cover art to the mp3 files it rips. I have to use mp3Tag to do that. I had a different issue with no warning disablement option with a new feature in V3.08. Herr Heidenreich liked my idea of a new warning option disablement feature and sent me a link to the new V3.08b that added that new option. It was this beta version of V3.08 that I notice that cover art started to be displayed with those new ripped mp3 files I had just loaded into mp3Tag. Since this beta version didn't have any way to disable this new cover art display, that's when I added this support question about how to disable the default server in the freedb Name Service field option from doing any type of lookup. The program lets me temporarily delete a server name, but if I have to go back to that field again, it makes me fill in a server name and will not accept a blank field. Also, on the Home page for mp3Tag, it says directly it will "Download and add album covers to your files". I'm looking for a way to disable that.

Since then, I have notice that mp3Tag V3.08b only displays the cover art for files that don't already have cover art in the mp3 file itself. It doesn't actually add the cover art to my new mp3 files. That makes it harder for me to find those older files where I want to add my own cover art and not what some server thinks the cover art should be.

Once again:
A web resource, and that includes the freedb websource, never fetches data / covers unless you start this task yourself from the "Tagsources" menu. And in the websources result page (Util button) you can set whether a cover should be a file saved in the folder, embedded in the MP3 file, or not fetched at all.

In addition, the web source freedb has no covers at all and therefore cannot deliver them. The setting you write about is only used to set the freedb server from which data is fetched and has no influence on whether data is fetched or not.

This has not changed in version 3.08b either.

I suspect that the Tools-> Options->Tags->"Don't display cover art ..." setting is not checked. This is used to ensure that cover-art files in the folder are not displayed. If checked only embedded cover-art is shown.
You probably have covert-art files in the mp3-folders.