Watch Folder and Tag Automagically


I've used some other taggers in the past for manual tagging and can't find anything that can do this (probably just haven't found it) and wondering if MP3Tag can or anything else you might now of:

Most of the files I have already have tag information associated with them but the filenames are not named the way I like (artist - album - song). I have a program (tagscanner) that does a great job of renaming after I tell it which folder to look in and to do the tagging (it renames accordingly and moves the correctly named files where I want).

Just wondering if there was anything out there that took this a step further and would keep an eye on a particular folder (where I download files), rename them and move them to another folder. That way it will all be automagic and I won't have to go in and manually point the tagger to the folder each time and tell it to tag. I know it's best to view the information before tagging, but I have trust in the powers that be.


Renaming and moving of files is also possible with Mp3tag, but there is no option to do this "automagically" as you've proposed.