WAV Album Art doesn't appear in iTunes?

Hi, recently got MP3Tag since I'm a bit of a sucker for good audio on my iPod (mainly WAVs), however I've hit a snag.

So one reason I downloaded MP3Tag was to finally be able to edit the metadata of the file since iTunes doesn't edits to WAVS when imported. And while the tagging system does work, one thing I always notice that never seems to work is the album art. I tried normally copying the art file but iTunes doesn't register it.

I tried simply saving the art, nothing.
I tried saving the art in the itunes folder of the album I'm trying to embed the art to, Nothing.
I tried saving the art as "folder.jpg" (as I've seen around here), and nothing.

Anybody know how to fix this?

I already looked through the forum to see if someone encountered this issue actually, but surprisingly enough, I only came across people encountering the opposite than anything else.

You ask how you can see the album art in iTunes, right?
You can see the album art in Mp3tag if you embedd them with Mp3tag in your WAV files?

Looks like a player problem to me.
If MP3tag shows the cover it's there.

It shows up just fine in MP3Tag, but not in iTunes.

It could be, as MP3Tag does show the art, even if it's large in size and yet iTunes doesn't show it, as if nothing was ever put.

Exactly. Player problem. Ask Apple why they don't support the display of covers.

iTunes doesn't support reading cover art from WAV tags. I think you can add it from within iTunes, but then it's only part of iTunes' internal database.

If you need a lossless codec to work along iTunes you could try ALAC or AIFF.

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