WAV Cover not working

Love that we finally have WAV tagging capability...

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the covers to work. They just don't show up either on the file icon or in Windows Media Player when I play the WAV files.

Always works just fine with all of the other formats.

What am I doing wrong?

Do you mean the album art? My simple %artist% - %title% doesn't show up with tag names in the last version of Winamp, but comes across as ID3v2.3 (RIFF ID3v2.3) UTF-16 in foobar2000 and shows up correctly in WMP. Since the last release of Winamp v5.666 of December 2013 shows it only as Basic Info, I'm wondering how old this convention is.

Could you show the specification that says that teh WMP can show albumart from WAV files?
Anyway: you could store the good ole folder.jpg file in the folder and see if it does anything for the display of cover art im WMP. I doubt that the Explorer will do anything about it.

Winamp can only read the basic INFO from an Mp3tag written WAV file and can't write anything. The only data I can see are ARTIST, TITLE, COMMENT and COVER (external only). Other fields are greyed out.

I've tried this on a fresh Windows install today and it seems like WMP is not able to read cover art from the tag. Even when adding cover art from within WMP, the cover is not added to the tag but is stored as an external file within the directory of the WAV file.

In case someone else has more information on this, it would be great to know. I'd love to have some documentation from Microsoft, where they document the capabilities of WMP.

Kind regards
– Florian