WAV file: DESCRIPTION tag not showing in Windows Explorer

I've been struggling with this for very long and still haven't found a fix for it so I finally decided to ask for some help here.
I own a couple of music and sound effect sample libraries, most of which use WAV file format.

The vast majority of the sounds if these libraries have simple names, and more a detailed desc of these sounds can be found in either the "comment" tag or the "description" tag of their metadata. My issues resides with files using the "description" tag.
While Windows Explorer is able to display and search any sound files storing info in their "comment" tag, it's NOT able to do the same for files that use the "description" tag, meaning an absurd quantity of sounds are ignored in each of my searches.

So what I'm trying to do here is use Mp3Tag to make all concerned files copy their "description" tag content to their respective "comment" tag, so that Windows will be able to look for them. PROBLEM is, I cannot for the life of me get Mp3Tag to find this description tag, when it clearly exists within the metadata of the sound file:
(I used DBPoweramp's Edit ID-Tag option to display the tags here)

I spent lots of time digging Mp3Tag's extented tag fields in search for a potential alternative name for this description tag to no avail.
Here is a sample of the sound file I have shown above as an example, I have removed all of its audio to avoid any potential risk of copyright. It's so you can take a look at this tag for yourselves and hopefully solve this issue.


Thank you all for your time, I really hope this can be resolved as I have been scratching my head for a good while now.

Did you check the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)?

BTW: the file link does not work at the moment

I checked the extended tags dialogue yes, but I couldn't find anything leading me to the description you see here.
How strange, the link was working a minute ago! Here's a new link, I will update it in the thread.


When I look at the file (thank you for another attempt, now it works):

it says DESCRIPTION as the first field.

Try Convert>Tag-Tag for COMMENT with
Format string: %description%
and see whether your target program picks it up.

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